With a history spanning over 18 years, we have consistently elevated the interiors across New Zealand. Operating under the name Artisan Florals, previously known as Green Sets, we have established ourselves as the foremost wholesale provider of high-quality artificial flowers, foliage, and ceramics.


Driven by our passion for florals and an unwavering commitment to crafting lifelike reproductions, our silk flowers and ceramic collection have become the top choice for Garden Centres, Gift & Homeware Boutiques, Florists, Homestaging Companies, and Furniture Retailers. Our dedication to realism and quality has made us the preferred destination for faux flowers and foliage.


What sets us apart? Our exceptional ceramic collection, our best-selling product range stands as a testament to unparalleled quality. Our ceramics not only offer unbeatable value but also showcase a broad spectrum of sizes, colors, and glazes & compliment our range of silk flowers seamlessly.


Recognizing the pivotal role of simplicity in business, we've streamlined our processes.   Every product is meticulously labeled with a SKU barcode and an RRP price, accurately calculated to maintain a robust 2.3 margin. This strategic approach not only saves you and your team precious time but also guarantees the swift and efficient placement of your products on the shelves, streamlining the entire process.


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